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Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Sat May 16, 2015 1:02 am
by NeverendingAbyss
I strolled through the supermarket to find non-perishable food. Cans of corn, noodles, all those items. In the far section of Aisle 19, next to the cumin, I found a metal container with the most unprecedented name written on the label. It is a name that feeds on the weakest of the weak. Oh yes, I felt my stomach twirling in madness. Why? Why must this come back to me again? I fell into an illusion of which only Shamans are capable of inducing.

There I stayed, observing the container of the gods, of devils! Adrenaline rushed through my veins. Nowhere to go, my feet immobile! Paralyzed in thoughts and memories. Melancholic tears in my face slowly dripping on the ceramic floor.

I sensed the non-perishables die. Expiration dates changed to today. All around, one container of magic ration brought me to hell and heaven and the void.

fishliveroil. What a day it was. :?

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Sat May 16, 2015 11:15 am
:) Meanwhile in Klostrup.

I have suspected it for some time. Nea's happy laughs. His restlessness. His sudden change of mood. And now I have got it confirmed, when he jumped about, in pure happiness, over a little shop, that had newpressed fishliveroil for sale. We bought ten bottles and his smile was breathtakingly sweet.

Poor Nea must have been addicted, when my father injected him, with that oil, for his hairiness and smallsmall feet and other small things (page 59 in Neverending). And it is now my duty to find an omega-three-antidote before he grows fins and gills.

He must also feel, that he isn't alone in this, and that I will stand by him, until he is cured.

When we came out to the parkingplace my car had disappeared, and there were a lot of agitated shoppers and policemen babbling about three arses, that had driven away. We understood what had happened and took a taxi home. There was a note for us.

Dear daughter and Nea.
The car is parked close to the farm, and we will hide in the Russian helicopter, that is about to leave. Up in the air, we will force the pilot to take us to Koskalukka. And we call you from there.

PS. I suspect that you, Nea, are addicted to fishliveroil, but I'm sure I will find a cure. Don't worry. Be happy!

Vojne vojne, this seems to never end... :roll: :roll:

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Posted: Sat May 23, 2015 10:57 am
:) Meanwhile in Klostrup.

To come over his Fishliveroil-dependence (here called FLO-D) Nea needs help, and we have already started the cure. He understands, that it demands special initiatives and admittance of the symptoms.

First, the FLO-D is an illness and NOT a mental failing.

So, some of the symptoms.

Inability to stop taking more oil after the first spoon.

The necessity of a swig in the morning to "straighten things up."

Spooning oil at the "wrong time."

Breathing a little too heavily under other mothers beds.

Mix nomnomnoms with FLO.

Planning FLO-parties and hallojs untimely.

The first promise Nea has given, is to admit the exact nature of his FLO-need, and never more use FLO to restore his mind. From now on he must avoid situations where he earlier used FLO for comfort or relaxation.

FLO has infiltrated not only Nea, but also our culture and many people are slaves under this new drug. And one must remember that only one spoon of this dangerous oil, can make you an addict. So you have to be really watchful out there.

But we have great hopes to succeed, and Nea is really ambitious, so I'm sure he very soon can be his old FLO-D-free self again.

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Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2015 11:46 am
by Hubble86
Kööski wrote::x Mr OHubble has got an offer from FIFA, that he can't refuse and will not talk more about black tickets, arranged games, corruption, Tjottahunti or aliengenes.

So the rest is silence.


What did I say? I was right. As usual!!

:roll: :roll: And I can tell you! There is more :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

The floodgates are at last OPEN!

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2015 5:09 pm
:) Jaja! Nea and I are back in Klostrup, after our Midnightsuntrip, when we tried to cure his FLO-D, so far away as possible, from the nasty FLO-barons.

After a last celebrating spoon, (urk, urk the fucking taste) we throw out the oil for good. But Nea was morose, over the loss, and on the flight to the wilderness, he got abdominal pains and was jumpy and upset.

His big oil-consumption had suppressed his brain-chemicals and the sudden stop gave him thought-disturbances and hyper-activity. He was very restless and I had to sing lullabies all the way. The other travelers fell in a deep sleep and missed all the thunderfun and cool air-pits.

It was cold and rainy. in the North, so the trouts liked our suggestions to bite. Maybe they were trout- Muslims and hoped for the obligatory trout-virgins in a warm trout-paradise. It suited us fine and already after two days the freezers were full.

Nea was more calm day by day but asked for the trout-livers I had thrown away to prevent a relapse. When my father and Kööski arrived, three days later, they were met by an almost recovered Nea and they praised him for his struggle.

BUT, BUT! Then I happened to look in Kööski's room. Under his bed he had hidden two six-packs. No, no, not healthy beerpacks. Oh no! But dangerous, fucking FISH-LIVER-OIL... Extra strong Canadian oil...

Vojne, vojne. Kööski ,oh Kööski...

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2015 8:28 am

I can almost always tell, if a movie doesn't use real dinosaurs.

Dick Butt.

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Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 11:43 am
by Hubble86

I will now tell you, how we three Arses made it home to Koskalukka. We sneaked aboard the chopper and hid our butts as best we could. The pilot didn't see us and flow away, mumbling a happy "Moscow here I come".

When we were near Finland, we showed him our impressive backparts and ordered him to change course to Koskalukka. We also threatened him with an invisisible pistola.

He paled and tried a silly "Mayday, mayday", so I grabbed his mic and laughed hoarsely and roared in my best Russian, "prostite chashu, prostite chashu". His contact must have thought, that he had lost it totally, so he said da da and left.

Pekka used the most frightening Russian words he knew, when he whispered to the pilot, what we would do to him if he didn't obey. So he changed course immediately...

The landing went well and we hid the chopper in a barn. The pilot was first a little unruly, but after some kosken he calmed down and wanted to know why he only could see our arses. We hadn't even started to tell him, when the sideeffects suddenly appeared. Three red beards grew very fast, on three bupping heads. And three bleakpink bodies could be seen, as in a fog.

The pilot fainted. This was more than his weak Russian nerves could take.

When he woke we were fully dressed and shaved with no bupping heads and we told him that he had emergency-landed on our meadow. He had probably banged his head or got delirium (Something NOT so uncommon in those circles :roll: :roll: )

The Russian pilot fainted. Again...

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:26 pm
by Hubble86

The worst thing that can happen to a girl, is to fall in love with a guy, that is in love with her boy-friend.

Dick Butt

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 12:02 pm
by Hubble86

Meanwhile in Koskalukka.

Vojne, vojne! That Russian pilot is a real pain in the ass, but maybe science can use the stubborn jerk as a Guinea Pig. His name is Pratschioff Kraschnajewski. He speaks only Russian, and we don't. So he tries Google and the result is a Flavio-language, that is almost impossible to understand.

But the worst is, that he doesn't want to go home. "No Sibiria, no Gulag, no go home! Stay here and be invisible, he says. He doesn't believe our story, about "emergency-landing", and has a vivid memory of us three arses. So now he insists on testing my pills. OR...

There is a big search for the chopper, that is thought to have crashed in the Baltic Sea. But Tsar Vladimir is suspicious and like to send people to Koskalukka for investigations. He accuses me, as usual, but the Finnish government refuses to let him in, and they don't believe his babbling about a mad professor making invisible-pills. :roll: :roll:

But, but, I work intensely, on the pill and I think I at least have limited the beard-growth and the buppings of the head, even if I'm not sure about the visible arse. Kööski and Nurmi refuse sternly to participate in more tests, so I have given in to Pratschioff's eternal pestering. To night is the night, when he and one goat will take the first step on science's long staircase, and then we will see, if a Russian arse comes in sight or what...

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:10 am
by Hubble86
:) Meanwhile in ÖHubble's pill-lab in Koskalukka.

First we gave the goatbuck a pill. It took seven minutes for him to be invisible, and the last that disappeared were the horns. We had put a cow-bell round his neck and we followed him out to the herd. It clinked and tinkled merrily and the other goats became agitated and a little confused. They could hear the bell and smell their friend, but where was he?

They started to bleat higher and higher, as ran around in circles. The bell clinked, the goats ran and soon it was a total chaos, a panic-anarchy, so we had to take the invisible bell-carrier away, before he caused some goatheart-attacks.

Prattschioff, or Pratt as we called him, was very enthusiastic and swallowed his pill without hesitation. His invisibility came more slowly and bit by bit. I clocked it to fourteen minutes. Last went the protruding bodyparts, as butt, nose, ears, micro and he looked so funny that we all laughed.

We were of course a little suspicious over Pratts motivation, so we had put a bell on him too. But vojne, vojne, the first he did, was to throw that away, and the only we heard, when we anxiously called out for him, was how the door slammed shut.

We looked at each other. What had we done? An hyperenthusiastic, no Finnish-speaking, invisible, naked man, was lose in the wilderness. God help the ones, that will meet him, when some of the side-effects starts to show...

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 11:23 am
by Hubble86

Report from Koskalukka. Again!

Just what I dreaded! Pratt has gone to Koskalukka village and the rednecks blame me as usual. One of them reported, that his red cell-phone was stolen, and another said that he had seen just a red phone float, in the air, outside the church.

He had also heard it talk in Russian, and believed that it, either was a Russian spy, or that mad professor on the go again. The vicar, that is believed to be a trustworthy individual, was called for and he confirmed a soaring and talking phone. He also said that all his oblates and holy wine had gone.

Soon there were more villagers reporting food-thefts and one lady saw how a red phone came into the house and directly went to the fridge, where it took all the meatballs she had cooked for dinner. And the beer.

She didn't dare to interfere when she suddenly saw that the phone had a foggy arse. And a front to that. HUH!

First no one believed the hallucinating woman, but then there were others more reliable persons, that were sure, that it really ran around an arse, with a phone. So they called the police in Helsinki, since this must be something big.

But the answer they got from the law's long arm was short. "If we should arrest every arse with a cellphone, our jails would soon be overcrowded . This is NOT a police-business and you can maybe talk to some circus, that can have lost an attraction...

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2015 11:23 am
by Hubble86
:( Yes, I am bored...

The Koskalukka rednecks were furious! And they were also convinced, that I was sent from hell, by the Devil himself, to harass just their village, with murderous goats and heavybreathing nomnomsnatching motherfuckers. And now also a Russian-speaking phone-stealing Asshole.

This was just too much.

The villagers oldman, Seppo Messinen, summoned the agitated necks, and told them, that now was the time to show the mad professor, where the cabinet should stand.

The crowd was more than enthusiastic and they decided, that the big battle would take place next Monday, when the moon was full.

Old rifles, pistolas and homemade clubs were picked up and Pratt heard how they talked about, killing the professor and all his goats, next Monday, and he understood so much, that he hurried home to the farm. With help from Google we got the message clear. We had a battle coming.

We were three against ten times more, very enraged, bloodthirsty, rednecked farmers, so we must really prepare our defense. Could we hope for some help from our alien friends? That was the question.

And might this be a War of the Worlds? :roll:

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:19 pm
by Hubble86

What to do? Our alienfriends would willingly help us, but they are too violent and drastic, and we didn't want to harm and maybe also kill our long suffering neighbors. We only wanted to give them a lesson.

The arse-Pratt had the solution. His helicopter in our barn was a new, very secret, Russian war-model, and had a large bumb-room, with a big shutter in the bottom. The motor was also of a new construction and totally soundless.

We have a silo for goatshit and Pratts ingenious idea was that we should make a bigbig bumb of that disgusting shit.

We lit on all cylinders and started to fill the chopper with well matured, stinking shit.

Monday came with a bright moon and Kööski was our spy. He texted us when the redneck-armada was 200 meters from the farm and Pratt started the chopper. We flew in a swing and came up behind our target.

The necks didn't expect an attack from the rear so they were totally surprised when the big black shadow hovered over them and suddenly vomited a ton of goatshit on their heads.

Screams of horror were heard from under the shitmountain, and the screamers were stuck there. Flailing with arms and legs, they tried to fire their weapons, but in vain. We had gone back to the base, as noiseless as we came, and no neck could tell, what the hell had happened.

They had to hurry home and shower, and shower, and shower, again and again.

The rednecks were now more than ever convinced, that the mad professor wasn't only a rabid nut, but also had established a partnership with Mr Belsebub himself... :roll: :roll:

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:49 am
by Hubble86

Koskalukka was in agitated uproar. Something like this shitstorm had never happened before,and wasn't even heard of in Finland. Or for that matter, in the whole world.

Even Seppo Messinen, who was nearly 100 years old, and had seen the most, was stunned, but also a little amused. Those self reliant and cheeky guys, that almost choked in goatshit, were now significantly more subdued, and no longer so enthusiastic over some new fight, with the mad professor.

They tried to analyze what had happened. What and who was it that poured all that disgusting mush over them? And what was that big black thing that came from nowhere and disappeared to nowhere? The goatshit came of course from the farm, but how could the silent shadow throw it over them? It must have been some supernatural thing, from a not human source. But what?

This was too much for little Koskalukka. The Government had to take over, since it must be a national matter and the village couldn't fight those dangerous monsters alone.

Those who had met the killing red-eyed goat were convinced, that it wasn't an ordinary goat, but when they hit the alarm, no one had believed them. That damned Helsingin Sanomat had ridiculed them and called them superstitious Rednecks with too vivid imaginations.

But the shit that had been thrown at them was no normal shit. It was sparkling in the dark and probably made of some radioactive foreign stuff. This wasn't a joke, but a scary message, that had to be taken very, very seriously...

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2015 12:01 pm

I got an alarming mail from my father. He wrote that he just mailed to say that he loved me. And when he then not answered his phone, I begged a friend in Finland, to look into what was going on.

His answer was indeed incomprehensible and scary.

The villagers in Koskalukka had alerted the police in Helsinki, and this time they had listened to them and sent two investigators.

But when those unimaginative policemen heard about the red-eyed goat, the invisible heavybreathing fishliveroilthief and the sparkling goatshit, falling from a dark shadow, they looked at each other and asked if there were some interesting mushrooms or weeds, in this part of the country.

The villagers protested. They were talking the pure truth and nothing but, and they liked to show the policemen the sparkling shit close to the goatfarm. So they all trotted away to the farm.

But when they came to the place for the shitfall, they stopped in wonder. The shitmountain was gone. Completely gone. Not so much as a tiny, little trifle could be seen.

The villagers didn't believe their eyes and the policemen rolled theirs. Just what they had feared. Mushroom or weed, take your pick.

But if they had struggled so far, they could as well talk to the mad professor. So they went on to the farm.

They walked. And they walked. Wood and meadows. Wood and meadows. And where in hell was that farm? They reached the Russian border and still no farm. Goats? No, no goats either. And no mad professor...

They ran around for a while, but found no trace of human activity. Just trees and bushes. Now they all were very frightened. What was going on here???A whole goatfarm with hundreds of goats couldn't disappear in thin air. Or could it?

This was too much. As from a given signal they all started to run. And run...and run...

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:36 pm
by Hubble86

Ja,ja, we are back now, after our little timetransfer. It was Nurmi that took care of that adventure. He is a real dimensionmaster, and tjoff were we in another time. Same place, but 100 years earlier.

There were no buildings or goats there then, and the nature was pure and undisturbed. Just as the necks described it. But they couldn't see us when they ran around there and that was their main problem.

But we had to go back to 2015, very fast, since it isn't healthy to stay long in another dimension. You got disturbances in all organs, since everything in your body slows down to almost nil. The goats could only look at all the green grass and that was very frustrating for them, but also for us that had to keep them away.

So I can't tell you more about the area than the necks reported to the authorities. Trees, scrubs and grass.

But since we were back already after four hours the investigating policechopper, that was hovering over
us for hours, could only state that there was a farm with many goats and some men that waved happily to them. Nothing scary at all...

But, but, some days later, two buses with Helsinki-Junkers came to Koskalukka. They went straight out in the forest, to look for the new mushroom, that was said to grow there... :roll: :roll:

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 2:36 am
by HinatAArcticA
What have I created Image

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 5:25 pm
by Hubble86
:x What??? I professor ÖHubble a creation??? Is this what you are saying HinatA???

PFFfFffTTTT, as our zealous mossmuffinbaker, in Seattle, would express his indignation. And PFFFF as I will say, with my strong, sonorous, German voice.

I am NOT a creation of any Montezuma-revenge-descendant. I am begotten in Heidelberg of my honorable parents, Karl Heinrich Hubble and his wife Clara Maria Heinze. And no one else.

And that goes for all of us here at Neverending, the thread that works as our mouthpiece. Nurmi, Kööski, The Poet, Moco and not to forget the former fishliveroildependent Nea and my freckled daughter.

All those persons and many more of us, can you meet in other threads in this forum, and that, if noting else, is a proof that we have NOT been created. BY ANYONE!!! AT ALL!!!

Can you capisce that??? :x

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:19 pm
by Hubble86

The rumors grew. The superstitious rednecks persistently nagged about sparkling shit falling from heaven, and goats and buildings, that disappeared in thin air. The two policemen, that refused to return to Koskalukka confirmed what they said, and the authorities decided to invite a Swedish parapsychologist, Nils Jönsson from Lund.

We agreed to let this Swede visit us, but wanted to have some fun on his expense. We told him that we didn't believe in ghosts, and that the necks probably had looked too deep in their homemade vodka.

But the professor said, rather impudently, that he wanted to draw his own conclusions. Without our involvement. He put up his instruments all over the farm and also in Neas room. (Nea had, aptly enough, just returned to us).

When so the clock struck twelve Nea started his usual heavy breathing, and all the instruments alarmed, both us and the professor,that ran to Nea's room.

Nea was invisible under the bed and the room was empty. But the instruments sounded and the heavy breathing, mixed with some pathetic "more nomnomnoms" grew louder. The professor crept on the floor and looked under the bed. Nothing!

Then the breathing turned to a very strong "Buuuuu , your obtrusive curiosity will kill you Nils Jönsson." With an American accent. HUH...

The professor was out of our house, before we could blink...

Gosh, how we laughed!

But, but. We were soon very, very quiet...In a corner of the room, stood a semi transparent, very bearded man, dressed as a Russian soldier, from the 1800's. He looked wild and angry and was a really scary sight. He moved towards us...

What was this? A result from our bold experiment with the time-dimension-change? HUUUU...

What have we done? What have we awoken?

Or created???

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 1:20 pm
by Hubble86
:) Ja,ja, I do NOT give up easily...

We were stunned and stood close together,as on a small island, in the middle of the room.

Around us the world slowly changed. It was snowing and cold, and a bunch of Russian Cossacks, with black horses, had built a camp, on what we knew, as the border. They looked wild and dangerous, with long pikes.

Cossacks were in those days known, as the most evil in the Russian army, and they made little difference between foe and friend, when it came to cruelty and plundering. This ones looked very scary, in their ragged uniforms and untamed long beards. One of them made some porridge on an open fire, and they ate it with their dirty fingers.

We understood that we had landed in the war between Sweden and Russia 1807, when Sweden lost Finland, and that this probably was the major historical event in this area. But, thank the Lord, this frightening men could not see us, and some went straight through us without hesitation.

But why were we there and how could we escape this horrible time? Our dimensionmaster Nurmi tried some of his alientricks. But, but, it only made things seven times worse.

One of the most scary and alert men, apparently heard him and looked directly at us.

And Jesus Christ and all his Apostles. He saw us! Vojne, vojne , he saw us. He actually saw us... HUUUUUUUUUUUUU...

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:43 am
by Hubble86
:) This seems to be a neverending story. :roll:

There we were, on our little 2015-year-island, surrounded by wile and evil Cossacks.The one on the terrified horse blew the whistle and suddenly they all saw us. And gosh, how they glared, with their eyes wide open. No one said a word and some fell on their knees praying to something.

The horseman was apparently a commander and particularly brave and nasty, so he forced his foaming horse towards us. Freckle, that has horse-phobia, screamed, and the brute distorted his mouth in a repulsive smile, when he thrust his sharp pike in her heart. Again and again.

But nothing happened and he was very perplexed. He swept his weapon over us, in an attempt to decapitate us all. But we kept our heads on and for the first time he must have understood, that we were not real. That we were strangelooking ghosts and that he was fighting with air. Ghostair haha.

I don't know how superstitious they were but after a few minutes the Commander and all the others had run back over the border. Left were we ghosts on our little island.

This episode was later described in the history- books as the Battle of Koskalukka, in Mars 1808, when a brigade of Cossacks deserted the Russian army and left the border open to the Swedes. This did NOT have any impact on the war and we had nothing to do with the outcome.

We didn't dare to leave our island and after an eternity Nurmi succeeded with his alientricks and we were back on the farm. We were rather shaken, hungry and thirsty, since we had been away for more than a day.

But, but, the most incredible thing was, that only one minute had passed... One minute...:roll: :roll: :roll:

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 9:42 am
Then we were reunited on a chinese supermarket, seemingly on a secluded place of south-east asia, we were on the way to the counter with the intention to buy sea weed; harihari, a local medicinal plant good for ass-rash and 3 gallons of green colored local soda. No one knew why we had made such strange choices of products and hubble remembered he needed something to ease his time-travelling nausea. He fetched instant noodle soups.

On the counter a tiny woman welcomed us and we couldn´t see her eyes at all, they were that slanted. We exchanged concerned looks and wondered how she could even see through those tiny orifices. Notwithstanding, she waved at us and greeted us in an alien language, checked our products and signaled to a screen which let us know that we owed the woman 1590.25 of the local currency, who knows what it was. Only then did we realize that we didn´t have any money with us. I remembered Nurmi was so scared on that russian war scene that he threw all our money to the cossacks´ feet just before they went through our ghost selves, in case they were greedy and would spare our lives in exchange of some future-money.

The guards locked us down in a dark cell which had around 20 people in it, all sweaty, eye-slanted and seemingly hungry. They stared at us for a while in silence and only after some heavy deliberation they attempted to communicate. After some fiddling with his pocket computer, Hubble finished a program that translated the most basic bits of information into some semi-coherent string of words. He intended to use it in case of sudden alien contact. After some light exposition of linguistic epistemology and proto-grammatics, he finally started the program and the first filtered sentences of the hungry prisoners came out as "Is, necessity of greener, reason that is here". Variants of the same puzzled us even further "Green is the reason, we" "Onset of greenity, that is our doom".

After some heavy deliberation we came to the conclusion that these were a guerilla cell of some rebel corps trying to sabotage a transnational company that sold green soda. They had tried to steal soda from the chinese store to analyze its components and find out how the soda was making the common people complete idiots. There was a chemist on the group that was about to begin a detailed explanation of peptide bonds when suddenly an explosion blasted the roof of the prison leaving us amidst a thick cloud of dirt and ashes. We found out soon enough that fortunately we were still in our ghost personas so we weren´t hurt by sharpnel.

Through the cloud we heard words in a familiar language. "come come, we have no more time" An alarm sounded off in the distance and there was gunfire and shouting. We were surprised when we got out that the words were uttered by no one other than Hubble, another Hubble! who yielded a kalashnikov, RPG and a heavy armor suit. Hubble looked at Hubble and the new Hubble tried to explain "We created a Time paradox when we went to the Swede War and scared off the cossacks! Now that there was no Finland, the USSR had no stopping on it´s advancement to sweden and they created a mother base on what was to be Stockholm. Ähubble, my twin, a russian soldier, gained possesion of the time machine and impregnated all the female war prisoners, now there are at least 15 Hubbles that are fighting for world power, if we don´t stop them now right here on Laos, they will get to our mother base in Tuvalu, the last bastion of hope for mankind, we need your help, ÖriginalHubble, only you would know what to do in these situation..."

The storytelling was about to get even more absurd but there was a flash in the distance, a loud bang and the sound of two huffing male dragons and and...

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:09 pm
:) :banana1: :banana1: :banana1: :banana1: :banana1: :banana1: :banana1: :banana1:

Gosh, you are back! Where have you been? I Ö-öööööööööö have missed you, terrible. And even Ä-öööööööööö missed you, even if she didn't understand, what it was, she missed.

I haven't time just now, but, but, I come back and I hope that your visit here isn't as short as the last one. I need you! Neverending needs you. It was too much me and it tendered to be boring for us all, not least me...

See you in Laos or whereever...

Re: Neverending Story [Game]

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 5:39 am
:lol: :lol: Oh, I´ve been here, surrounded by the piss river and the shit plains. I´ve missed the forum too, all the Os and the dots over, Robo and everyone, I hope I can find some peaceful backwaters in the hectic times to post about penis and of shit like in old times. :) :)

A100 rode a two headed dragon, which was homosexual. Both necks entangled each other so they huffed, they were in love. Or he was in love with himself. Or he had autolust, but there was no physical way in which his or their love could find climatic consummation, so they entangled each other necks and lust was so intense it became painful, and the pain became existential because their love could never be, they were already one but were so far away, if only one could penetrate the other, but they couldn´t and they suffered and their grimace was one of disconsolation, infinite, and still A110 rode them, he rode a flying mass of despair and he didn´t seem to care. He just rode, in search of the O hubble and the O 10, and the other characters. In the middle of gunfire, chinese kalashnikovs, and the dragon cried for moments, because both heads didn´t care about war, humans or the roaring bullets, all they needed was each other, in penetration, they would be so much better without that body-prison.

Maybe, if there was a place to go, somewhere after death, and their souls still remained, they would finally be able to penetrate each other, consummate, fuse something that was non-fused before, spritual fusion. That glimpse of hope eased their pain for a while, but afterlife it was so rare a chance that the hope vanished pretty quickly to return to the constant ebb of anguish. Maybe there was afterlife but their souls would also be fused! two heads for a single soul! How devastating would that realization be, worst than all nightmares. Or they could disappear forever a more soothing yet also scary and desolate turn of events. And A100 still rode and rode, seemingly unaware

Now 5 people rode a Dragon in search for Tuvalu. Laos was left in turmoil and in fire dances. Some Heavily armored professor explained things and people held hands over the dragon´s back. The flight seemed very long winded and a whole night passed with no one sleeping at all. They ate marshmallows for breakfast and the sun penetrated the horizon, and one dragon head sighed heavily at the sight.

They landed on a military base with negros yielding flamethrowers and biosuits. After they entered the house of Ahubble, the tired dragon went away fast, flying into the sea, heading east, towards the nothingness of the ocean. Like a sweet pillow. They couldn´t take anymore. No one could stop them because they were flying too fast and they had no spare helicopters or spare dragons they could use to chase the two-headed gay dragon. The dragon got lost in the horizon and and sometimes, in Tuvalu, they would hear in the distance a long, piercing huff, almost happy.. as if a dragon was being penetrated for the first time.. after so long...

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Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 12:21 pm
by Hubble86

That Laos-dragon, with two heads, was an unnatural thing and he disappeared in the sunset, with a loud huff. Which probably was a deathhuff, since dragonbones, last year, were found on a Vietnam-beach. So RIP the prehistorical monster and listen to the song he sang before he huffed away.

Two heads are better than one, hoo,hoo,hoo,

It doubles the pleasure and fun, hoo,hoo,hoo,

With our four ears we hear all the sound,

And four eyes can see all food we found,hoo, hoo, hoo,

Two mouths can spit a lot more fire,

And two asses can shit, what we desire,

So two heads and asses are better than one,hoo, hoo, hoo hoo hoo...

Well, well. The Hubble-gang was in a spinning time-dimension-wheel, thanks to Nurmi's incompetence. He must have misinterpreted the dimension-formula and we circled around in random periods.

We had, for example, visited an hungry Tyroex, that snapped with all his teeth after our ghost-figures. And now we, for some odd reason, were in a bar in Tuvalu in Laos where we met the Poet. He was as surprised, as we and we hugged.

But now happened the most incredible thing. As soon as Nurmi hugged him he changed to a Ghost-poet and he was suddenly as foggy as we. And we were all in Dragontime and it swarmed of firespitting monsters. We were very scared, since we didn't know, if our fog-persons would catch fire.

After some hours thinking, Nurmi, at last, tried a new trick and bumkabum, we were back in Koskalukka. The poet was with us and we were all real. But very unsure. Would we stay like this? Or? And could we risk to hug anyone or hold hands? Had this damn alien doomed us to be prisoners in time? Travelers in Eternity???

Questions. Questions...

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Posted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:41 am
by Stratowarius 3.0
:) answers soon please. :wink:

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Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2015 5:44 am
by Stratowarius 3.0
when please?

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Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:13 am
by fuck
Everybody's dead.

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Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 4:50 am
by Stratowarius 3.0
:x :x Most stupid i have heard .

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Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2015 1:32 pm
by Goal Stockhausen

I'd rather live with a good question, than a bad answer...

Dick Butt.