Competitive Project - 4 Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi

Here musicians can talk to each other about making music etc. Of course if you are not a musician you are still welcomed to this board, but the topics should somehow be about making music.

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Competitive Project - 4 Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi

Post by Mr cool Edit » Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:38 pm

This will be a competitive job about skills in mastering, mixing and editig music.

The idea is face to huge companies and make him think two times about my skills (Always for good)

The idea is comopse, on Antonio Vivaldi compositions in a complete album and update his music into 2014 times mixed maybe with metal.

Simphonica, opera and metal in "The new classical"

well into my style why sometimes i will do samples

hardware and soft that I will use:

Instruments out why I have shitty gear i will list only music production stuff

1. Adobe audition CC 64 bits, (I dislike pro tools why i dont have the correct hardware, but i know use it)

2. Cubase 5.1 - I dont have money for 7, i die in 5

3. Microphone Shure sm58

4. samples in percusion programations

5. hardware M - Audio Fast - Track 24/48 asio

6. Computer Intel core i7 875+ Unlocked, 16 gb ram, video msi nvidia 460 GTX Custom, Sata 2, monitor samsung Sync Master P2370 HDMI, Windows 7 Professional Service pack 1

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