I have been having fun

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I have been having fun

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Sheep was much much much stronger in vanilla, since it had been a 50 moment CC that lasted duration for all of Vanilla WoW Gold while at pvp. You might CC a healer then kill their group, all during one poly, in a bg. Both were up spell electricity trinkets that are big.

I never knew these things. Unless I happened to be on randomly throughout a time when there was a guildie on, now I have a reasonable explination as to why I despised playing during BC and Vanilla. (I worked odd changes during that time,in addition to went to college, so it was hit or miss whether anyone was going to be on or not.) As a holy priest who REFUSED (and still refuses) to learn darkness or disk (I hate DPS, however absolutely love recovery ) Vanilla and BC were black, dark times, particularly on a PvP server (my boyfriend at the time tricked me, never again will I return into PvP). I have been having fun, and made it through this tho, and am still getting fun to this day.

I must leap in with defence of imagining as it should happen to be on the list, and it has nothing to do with the one-shot world boss event, I grinded out my position 14 as a reckbomb paladin and reckoning although it was capped at 5 automobile strikes, it was similar to Windfury, Stack up 5 automobile attack wield something dumb like AR or even better among those gloomy rares 2hander from the older Silithus dukes, each with an opportunity to crit, then to top that off 5 strikes from seal of righteousness, You pretty much 1 shot EVERYTHING, add that to the reality Divine shield didn't reduce harm, and you might cast blessing of security right afterwards so you can a fantastic set of defences against stuns, I'd hands down state that a reckbomb paladin with a rogue or hunters pet on him is the most deadly force in WoW Classic in a BG style battle, Duelling it's a rock paper scissors always and depending on in the event that you're rival understood the mechanics of it.

Yea, Vampiric Touch as it was introduced Naxxaramus should happen to be in the top 10 easily. It is basically a point to mention in any video regarding the 50 guilds that cleared Vanilla Nax. I was in one of these guilds, and was one of those shadow priests that the majority of the top 50 guilds didn't have. It made it so the celebration that the shadow priest was in, would never run out of mana, even. The cause of this was that Buy WoW Classic Gold along with the introduction of vampiric touch, all sources of damage for shadow priests was buffed, shadow priests might potentially do more damage than any other class, while also healing/regenerating most of the party members health and mana, because it all scaled off of the harm.

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