Jens's sounds on the JV-1080...

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Jens's sounds on the JV-1080...

Post by Baluba » Wed May 12, 2004 2:35 am

Hey all you metal folx!!!
I've got a Roland JV-1080 now...If ya ask how it sounds - I can say that it sounds COOOOOL!!!
But does anyone of you know wich sounds Jens are using on this thing?
And if YOU Jens see this - How can I make this nice lead things?
Btw I also have the Wintage exp and Orchestral exp :)
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Re: Jens's sounds on the JV-1080...

Post by Kazue » Sun Jun 13, 2004 10:42 am

Hi Baluba,

Followings are my poor translation from an article of the 1999 March number of "Keyboard Magazine" in Japan. It's a short interview about Roland EXp bord when "The Last Viking" was relesed.
I hope it's useful for you. :)

Q: What board do you often use?
JJ : SR-JV80-02 "Orchestral". It has many nice patches. There are good ones in the other SR-JV80 series, as well.
Q: What is your favorite patch?
JJ: In the patches, I like the sound of HAMMMOND in SR-JV80-08 "Keyboards of the '60s&'70s". It can use for not only solo but also backing, everything and HAMMOND fits to rock.
Q: Do you use Roland JV-1080 at the tour, too, don't you?
JJ: It's really solid. The range of the sound is also wide and has good sounds for the rock I'm doing. It has very wide choises. because the effects work strongly and patches are substantial. You might imagine Techno from JV-1080, but I think it's able to use for any category of music. JV-1080 is powerful sound that is second to the guitar, so the sound stands out at the mixing of recording.
Q: What board did you actually use at the recording?
JJ: I often use "Orchestral", it might be not clear to catch because of Effects.
Q: What board are you going to get from now on?
JJ: I want to get JV-2080 rather than boards. If I have JV-1080 stolan during the tour, I 'll buy soon.
Q: Dou you have any plan of new board?
JJ: I think boards are enough as an item, but it is impossible to program the wave itself, so we can use only existingbuilt-in. I hope if it would have the oscillators like the old Roland D-20 and could edit the wave by myself. That was very nice when I played a solo. If JV is like that, I think it's convenient.