On the subject of influences

Here musicians can talk to each other about making music etc. Of course if you are not a musician you are still welcomed to this board, but the topics should somehow be about making music.
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Re: On the subject of influences

Post by ggonza43 » Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:59 pm

stratodan1990 wrote:I have a one man project of my own, that does metal covers of video game themes, mostly Legend Of Zelda. In the solos try to incorporate neoclassical Stratovarius styles, but for the other instruments I experiment a bit more. Like for the drums, I love to have a Norwegian black metal influence - eg. Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and bands that generally use very fast paced kicks.

For the rhythm guitars I sometimes like a small bay area thrash influenced style here and there, similar to Annihilator or Metallica. And when I play the keyboards I try to increase the melody, something like Ensiferum. So I have alot of particular influence - I like to play around with them, though without using too much particular inspiration. I'd say I try to sound like alot of those Northern bands -Norway, Sweden Finland. Can't get enough of that 'epic' whole sound.
I don't need to read anymore, you had me with that :D!
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