Best song TT has done since leaving Strato

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Best song TT has done since leaving Strato

Post by adrian9 » Sun Sep 27, 2020 11:35 pm

Hey, so in your opinion what's the best thing (recording/album/song) Timo Tolkki has done since leaving Strato.
for me "Enshrined in my memory" from Avalon 1

haven't heard the whole album in a while but it's pretty decent.
In Paradisum close second.

just for the record here's the list of stuff from Tolkki

New Era - 2008
Saana – Warrior of Light Pt 1 - 2008
Age of Aquarius JVC- 2009
Trinity - 2010
In Paradisum - 2011
The Land of New Hope - 2013
Angels of the Apocalypse - 2014
Return to Eden - 2019

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Re: Best song TT has done since leaving Strato

Post by AAAAAAAAAA » Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:22 am

I like almost all the songs on Trinity. The album production is a bit unusual, the songs are formulaic and musically too simple, and I admit I am not 100% sold on Gus Monsanto (could be a production issue). But there is a certain energy and sense of melody I find cool. Especially Falling to Rise & Just Let it Rain. I wish Stratovarius would record and produce this album!

In Paradisum was not great. The songs were generic and lacking energy (e.g. Come by the Hills, Don't Let Me Go) and as much as I hate to say this, Andre Matos' voice lost his characteristic piercing quality by this point and did not sound very good. In fact, he would never sound as good as he did in the 90s. Moreover, everything from the song titles to the album title, cover art, band name, and lyrics, sounds very pretentious, pseudo-intellectual and "bullshitty". To be expected considering the two people involved.

"Rhapsody in Black" by a band called "Symfonia" on an album called "In Paradisum" with a bunch of winged ladies on the cover, it all just sounds like a bunch of try hard bullshit. Like they are trying to imply some divine forces coalesced to forge this masterpiece (roman gods maybe?), when in reality its just recycled power metal that was written in a couple days. With that said, I really enjoy the song Forevermore- that one is my favorite.

As far as the Avalon albums are concerned, I only heard a few songs here and there. If I had to classify it as a genre I'd call it "Pavlovian Metal" because it has everything on paper to make you associate it with greatness (huge saga with many characters, involvement of big names, grandiose titles like "I'll Sing You Home" and "In the Name of the Rose" that mean absolutely nothing but sound kind of cool), but I have so little confidence in the quality of the product that I'm too lazy and unmotivated to commit the time.

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