The newbie topic in this Stratogallery as well

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The newbie topic in this Stratogallery as well

Post by Beast_Pete » Thu Oct 07, 2004 8:46 pm

I created this topic for the newbies. It seems, that they are so n00b0rZ, that they don't even go to the Off Topic Disccusion (it's called "Other Discussions in English" nowfrom).

Here's the link for the "The Newbie Thread" topic:

I advise, that this topic should be a Sticky topic, or how it's called. In many other forums you can see sticky topics for n00bZ. It's very useful.

So the most important thing, why I created this topic is, that the newbies create such topics, that are simliar to others, or even they're the same. The nessecarity of these topics is no comment.