Stratovarius North Atlantic Isles Tour 2009 Competition

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Stratovarius North Atlantic Isles Tour 2009 Competition

Post by JensJohansson » Wed Jan 21, 2009 12:17 am

Two pairs of VIP tickets to be given away at each show in Scotland, England and Ireland. These tickets gives you access to a meet and greet with the band and photo opportunities etc.

These are the questions you must answer correctly:

1. Who currently plays bass in Stratovarius?

a) Timo Tolkki
b) Jari Kainulainen
c) Lauri Porra
d) Matias Kupiainen

2. What was the name of the Stratovarius album that was released in 1996?

a) Universe
b) Episode
c) Epiphone
d) Sixth Dimension

3. Stratovarius' keyboard player Jens Johansson's brother plays in which band?

a) Accept
b) Jethro Tull
c) HammerFall
d) Amon Amarth

4. Who in the band has red hair?

a) Jörg Michael
b) Matias Kupiainen
c) Noone
d) Timo Kotipelto

5. Matias Kupiainen has a side project called:

a) Blinded by heroin
b) Popeda
c) Fist in Fetus
d) Wormholes

6. One of the songs on the next Stratovarius album is called:

a) But I poop from there!
b) King of Nothing
c) Darmstadt, 4:38 AM
d) Padraig O'Hanrahan's Jig

Please send your answers to:

Very important: you must send your answer in before May 1, 2009. You must also include which city's show you would like to go to. And to repeat, there will be two winners per show, and every winner gets two free tickets, so a total of four tickets per show will be given away. Good luck!